Good Design Is...
Why a Brand Is Remembered
Why a Package Is Selected
Why a Sale Is Made!
Fordesign is about good design. We have worked with large manufacturers, such as FritoLay, Pepsi, and Kraft. We have worked with small start-up operations, who needed a clear "vision statement" expressed in visual terms. We have worked with wholesale brokers and food distribution companies. We have worked with financial groups and retailers. To all our clients, we have brought good design, because good design has indeed mattered.
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The Fordesign Group was founded in 1991. After many years as an Associate with Landor Associates in San Francisco, and a career as a high tech Marketing Communications Director at Texas Instruments, Steven Ford founded Fordesign Group as a design studio in Wilton, CT serving brand managers in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. In 2005 we moved the business to Utah to enjoy the climate and culture. Click here to return to top.